I'm Living Proof


Living Proof: Carlos

Carlos is a former teacher and he's the parent of a daughter with special needs. Find out how he...


Living Proof: Dale and Elizabeth

Dale is a professional musician, and Elizabeth is an advocacy director and stay-at-home mom. Find...


Living Proof: Sarah

Sarah is a former teacher and stay-at-home mom. Find out how she changed her life with a Shaklee...


Living Proof: Elisabeth and Brandon

Elisabeth is a cosmetologist and stay-at-home mom. Brandon works in Finance. Together, they’re...


Living Proof: Tracy

Tracy is a former corporate marketing manager and a stay-at-home mom. Find out how she changed...


Living Proof: Sam and Katie

Sam and Katie Odom were intrigued but skeptical about the opportunity to be a stay-at-home-mom...


Living Proof: Harper and Ryan

It's been a little more than five years since Harper and Ryan "got serious" about their Shaklee...


Living Proof: Carolyn

"I came from nothing," Carolyn Spargur says, "and who would have thought" that she would come so...


Living Proof: Lisa

Despite living in the middle of a cornfield, in the middle of the midwest, Lisa has built a...


Living Proof: Marc

Through Shaklee, Marc encourages and inspires people to reach for their dreams.


Living Proof: Lara

A health and wellness coach, Lara discovered in Shaklee the tools she needed to make her family,...


Living Proof: Allison

For Allison, building a Shaklee business has been a journey of discovery--helping her find a...