Mission: Possible Monday - 11.06.23

Senior Director of North America Training Haley Jensen hosts to share her Wellness Communities updates for November AND our first weekly promotion and Limited-Edition Product!  

VP of Field Development Jeff Johnson shares why it's so great for you to now have your My Storefront and Sharable Link to help power you through to the end of 2023!

Our special guest speaker, Senior Coordinator Courtney Mitchell, helps you put it all together, sharing how she plans to take advantage of this cornucopia of November goodness to build her business momentum!

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The Story of Vivix

Shaklee Chairman Chief Executive Officer Roger Barnett shares the history behind the development...


Happy Thanksgiving!

A message of gratitude from our Chairman Chief Executive Officer Roger Barnett.


Vivix® | Anti-Aging at the Cellular Level

Formulated with the world's most potent source of polyphenols, Vivix slows aging where it starts:...


The Science Behind Vivix®

Every minute our cells are under attack by free radicals. Vivix delivers a powerful dual defense...


Meet Generation Health

Meet Generation Health, aka Gen H, the healthiest generation in the world. A generation that...


Introducing Shaklee Body

Introducing Shaklee Body. Vitamin-infused, scientifically formulated,...


Introducing Meology Prenatal

Introducing Meology Prenatal: the most complete and personalized nutrition plan for hopeful,...


Introducing Essential MultiV

Introducing a delicious new way to take your vitamins: Essential MulitV, the ultimate foundation...


Omega-3 Gellys™ | The Power of THE Gelly

To get enough DHA + EPA each day, you’d need to take 8 to 16 gummies from other brands—which can...