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Introducing Shaklee Performance

Whether you hit the gym twice a week to stay fit and active, or you're a competitive endurance...


ShakleeKids Incredivites and Mighty Smart Choice

Superheroes need what ShakleeKids provides!


The Shaklee Get Clean® Starter Kit

Let’s get every nook and cranny spick-and- span. And let’s make sure we do...


Shaklee Healthprint

Introducing Healthprint: your life-changing personalized health builder from Shaklee!...


Life Plan, from Shaklee: Part One

Introducing Shaklee's new Life Plan, the best and most comprehensive nutritional system in the...


Life Plan, from Shaklee: Part Two

It's the science that makes Shaklee Life Plan the best, most comprehensive nutrition program in...


Life Plan, from Shaklee: Part Three

We're here to change the world! Join us!


The Shaklee Story

Since 1956, Shaklee has been on a mission to help people thrive. From pioneering the first...


8-07-19 NA Leadership Broadcast

Only two weeks since the launch of the Prove It. Live It. Share It. system, and check out the...


The Prove It Challenge Facebook Group

The Prove It Challenge Facebook group is designed to set you up for success with daily...


Quality is in the Details

At Shaklee, quality is in the details! Join our Chairman and CEO as he gives us a special look at...


Shaklee Product Distribution Center

Join Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett as he gives you a behind the scenes look at Shaklee’s...