2024 Shaklee Summit


2024 Summit | Keynote Address

Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett kicks off the 2024 Leadership Summit with gratitude for...


YOUTH Ageless™ Wands Product Sharing Training

Join us for a YOUTH Ageless Wands product training featuring our esteemed experts, Dr. Erin...


Vita-Lea® Product Sharing Training

Join us for a Vita-Lea product training session with our distinguished experts, Dr. Erin Barrett...


Leadership Summit Call to Action - 6.24.24

It’s time to RUN with what you’ve learned at the Leadership Summit. LEAD your team by example and...


Where Will Wellness Take You?

When it comes to health, we have it all: nutrition, personal care, green home. You can too: get...


Vita-Lea: The Original Multi Reinvented

Did you know 90% of Americans don’t get enough nutrients in their diets? Fill your nutritional...


Introducing Ageless

Introducing Ageless™, two new innovative skincare solutions clinically tested to instantly relax...


Why Shaklee

What makes Shaklee different? A huge part of it is the science!


The Leader in You

Developing your own leadership skills is a lifelong process. These successful Shaklee Ambassadors...


Developing Leaders

What is a leader? Shaklee Ambassadors tell us their methods to turn their team members into good...