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Living Proof: Marc

Through Shaklee, Marc encourages and inspires people to reach for their dreams.


Thomas' Shaklee 180® Transformation

A special guest on our Discover Shaklee broadcast, Thomas shared the results of his inspiring...


Introducción de YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment

¡Conoce la flamante adición al Cuidado para la Piel YOUTH! Virginie Descamps, Directora de...


Living Proof: Lisa A.

Lisa wanted to be a full-time mom, contribute to the family income, and have a healthier family....


Living Proof: Michele

When Michele moved to a new home, her neighbor introduced her to Shaklee.


Pomegranate-Berry Vanilla Shake

Add sweet berries and a little pomegranate pucker to a Vanilla LIfe Shake for a tasty treat...


A Better Way (1)

When we care for the Earth, we care for ourselves, our families and everyone on the planet. Using...


Jason Pryor: Shaklee Performance & Physique

Jason Pryor represented the USA at the 2016 Rio Games as a fencer in Men’s Epee. Jason is a...


Carlos y Evelyn Cortez

Hermoso y emotivo testimonio de Carlos y Eveyln Cortez, Maestros Coordinadores en Shaklee.